cod. 1003152

Academic year 2014/15
3° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Medicina legale (MED/43)
Attività formative affini o integrative
Type of training activity
54 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit
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Learning objectives

The aim of the Criminology course is to provide a reference framework relative to the development of research in criminology and an introduction to the most recent biological, psychological and sociological theories on crime.


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Course unit content

Methods and sources of criminological knowledge. Statistics. Crime in Italy over the last ten years.
The issue regarding the causes of crime. The issue regarding the defence of crime. The issue regarding the protection of individual freedom.

Full programme

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G. PONTI, Compendio di Criminologia, Cortina, Milano, chapters 1,3,4,7,8 e 9.

Teaching methods

lectures and exercises in small groups of subjects agreed with the students

Assessment methods and criteria

oral examination on he written report on the theoretical and practical

Other information

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