cod. 13288

Academic year 2012/13
1° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Sociologia dei processi economici e del lavoro (SPS/09)
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Type of training activity
Student's choice
63 hours
of face-to-face activities
9 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit
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Learning objectives

The course aims at familiarizing two groups of students (Economics+ Political Sciences) with the socio economic changes taking place in the turn of the XXI century.



Course unit content

Societies of Europe. Modernization: main social features. The different paths of modernization in East and Western Europe. National economies and the social structure. The challenges of The EU and of globalization. The open questions on the future of societies belonging to EU.

Full programme

1) Theory and History: Structure, Culture and Modernity; Europe in the modern history.
2)Dynamics of structuring the European societies: Frontiers; Work division; Political and Social rights;The glorious thirthy years of economic development; Risks and opportunities.
3)Collective action and social orientation: civil society and collective action; Socialism and capitalismin the Eastern societies.
4) Europe and the rest of modern societies: Where does Europe stop; The social Europe.


Therborn G. E. S. Immerfall (eds) (2010) Handbook of European Societies- Social Transformations in the 21st Century - Springer

Therborn G. (2009) Les sociétés d'Europe du XX au XXI siècle, Paris, Armand Colin

Teaching methods

Luctures+ seminars on specific topics as 1)Immigration; 2) young generations and employment in Europe.

Assessment methods and criteria

Students who attend the course will have the opportunity of taking part to periodical work groups about the main topic developed during the lectures. All students will have to give written examination consisting of 8 questions related to the main topics of the book.

Other information

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