Career prospects

The Course “Global Food Law: Sustainability Challenges and Innovation” will provide interdisciplinary
knowledge capable of shaping professional figures acting thoroughly in national and international scenarios - starting with the European one - in which the challenge of sustainability is decided, with particular attention to the agri-food sector and technological innovation.
Job opportunities range from the public to the private sector, in particular, in the positions of Legal Officer and Legal Advisor expert in Food Law, sustainable development and innovation in Public Administration, in for-profit and non-profit undertakings and in the broader field of liberal professions. Considering a solid legal background coupled with an interdisciplinary methodology, a fresh graduate of the Course “Global Food Law: Sustainability, Challenges and Innovation” could be involved in roles such
as but not limited to:
• Management and control specialist in public administrations;
• Management, development and control specialist in private undertakings;
• Legal expert in companies;
• Legal expert in public bodies.

The possibility to carry out training placements in Italy and abroad through the Erasmus+ Internship programme will allow to face working experiences already during the study