The University of Parma promotes curricular internships to facilitate professional choices through direct knowledge of the workplace and the alternation between studying and working.

The curricular internship integrates and completes the student's training programme through practical activities which, in accordance with the Didactic Regulations of their course of study, may be carried out within the University or at public and private partner institutions.

The internship involves three parties: the student, the promoting party (the University of Parma) and the host party (company or organisation) where the activity is carried out under the guidance of a university tutor, a University lecturer and a company tutor.

The curricular internship is not a prerequisite for employment of the trainee at the host company, nor is it a substitute for company labour or professional services.

Curricular Internship - Programme of Study

In the Degree Course in Global food law: sustainability challenges and innovation, the 150-hour internship enables students to be awarded 6 university credits (ECTS credits).
These credits do not affect the average mark and are considered free-choice activities.
Students who have enrolled in at least the second year of the course may carry out the internship.

Internship contact person - preliminary meeting

Before activating the online procedure, please contact the internship contact person ---- for a preliminary interview.

Online internships: management modes

Curricular internships are managed online on the Esse3 platform.
Under this management system, each individual interlocutor COMPANY, STUDENT, UNIVERSITY will manage their own part of the process exclusively online (relating to the authorising of training projects and the management of the recognition of internship periods carried out by the student).
To access the procedure, the user must go to his or her Esse3 page
For more information, visit the page ⇒ Online Curricular Internships


During the internship, the student must complete an attendance sheet showing his/her presence at the host organisation, indicating the day and the number of hours carried out. The attendance sheet, at the end of the internship, must be signed by the contact person at the host organisation.
At the end of the internship (within 6 months), the student must enter the following in the ‘Allegati’ section of Esse3:
a) The Final Report, in which he/she must illustrate the activity carried out;
b) The Host Organisation's Report, with an evaluation form on the intern's work;
c) The attendance form signed by the Host Organisation tutor.
N.B. The university tutor, after checking the documentation, forwards his/her assessment to the Course Council for the appropriate approval discussions.

Extension of internship terms

In order to postpone the end of the internship, it is necessary to request an extension of the deadline BEFORE the end of the internship.
The procedure indicated by the internships office is as follows:

  • go to the Esse3 page;
  • select the item 'My internships';
  • enter the extension request indicating the new end date

Information meetings

The department's contact person for internships, is organizing meetings to explain to students the requirements, activation methods and procedures for curricular internships.

Support for the activation of an internship

  • For information on the activation and agreement procedures, students and companies can contact the Teaching Service ( );
  • For information on the status of the activation of the internship agreement and assistance with the online procedure, students and companies can contact the University Internship Office directly (

NB Please consult the guides before activating the support service: Procedures for students and Procedures for companies

What to do in the event of an injury

The procedure provided by the University, in the case of injury, requires the student to submit in person to the Department, of reference by course of study, the Injury Report Form, the Privacy Form and the Certificate issued by the First Aid Station.

The Injury Report Form must be properly completed and signed by the student and also signed by the Department Director, the latter following due investigation of the incident.

The injury procedure and all documentation can be found on the Department's website in the Injury Management banner