The course in brief

The Course “Global Food Law: Sustainability Challenges and Innovation” is aimed at three-year graduates or Master graduates who wish to deepen their knowledge on the topics of sustainable development and innovation in the agri-food sector. The Course intends to build professional skills for future officials and/or civil servants and legal advisors specialised in the food sector, both in governmental administration and in private and international organisations as well as in private companies. Ultimately, the Course promotes problem solving skills with respect to concrete cases that have implications in terms of sustainability, food and innovation.
Classes will be held for the first year in presence and the second in online mode with the aim of ensuring
quality teaching, oriented towards an experiential approach that includes in the training programme the following activities:
- visits and internships in innovative and top-notch companies with specific reference to the food sector;
- a tangible interdisciplinary approach capable of providing skills not only in law, but also in other areas
such as nutrition, economics, sociology etc.;
- teaching in English and a marked focus on international mobility projects and opportunities.

The Course is part of a broader project, Food For Future, for which the Department of Law, Politics and International Studies has been awarded the title of Department of Excellence for the five-year term 2023-2027

Presentation of the degree Course