cod. 08680

Academic year 2024/25
1° year of course - First semester
Marzia BISI
Academic discipline
Fisica matematica (MAT/07)
Discipline matematiche, fisiche e informatiche
Type of training activity
76 hours
of face-to-face activities
9 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

The aim of the course is to make the student familiar with the fundamental tools of Calculus, in view mainly of the applications to data processing and interpretation of biological phenomena.


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Course unit content

The course focuses on the main topics of Calculus and on the fundamental concepts of Real Analysis in one variable (limits, derivatives, qualitative studies of the graph of a function, integration...)

Full programme


Set Theory
Propositions and elementary Logic
The sets N, Z, Q, R and C and their properties.
Polynomials, equations, systems.
Analytic geometry

defintion, properties, graphic, elementary functions and their graphics.
Logarithmic and exponential functions.

Limits of function and continuous functions.

Derivative of a function. Differential calculus.


Integral calculus


We suggest one of the following textbooks (they are equivalent):
- M. Bramanti, F. Confortola, S. Salsa, Matematica per le Scienze, Zanichelli;
- A. Guerraggio, Matematica per le Scienze, Pearson (with electronic platform for exercises Mymathlab)

Suggested books for mathematical topics preliminary to this university course:
- Roberto D'Ercole, Matematica per i precorsi, Pearson Education.
- Giuseppe De Marco, Analisi Zero, Decibel–Zanichelli.

Teaching methods

6 hours face - to - face lectures and 2 hours exercises/tutoring per week.

The teacher will write the lessons on a tablet and will share the correspnding PDF files; she is also available to record lessons and share videos.

Assessment methods and criteria

The final (written) exam is aiming at verifying the ability to use a formal language and to correctly solve exercises.

The written exam contains up to 6 exercises with almost equal value, and the time assigned is 2 hours and half.
During the semester, two partial tests will be planned, that in case of positive evaluation (both with mark greater or equal to 18) give the exemption from the final written exam.
A positive (>=18) final mark (o a >=18 mean in case of partial tests) allows the exam record.
The (optional) oral exam includes all the program. The final mark in this case is the algebraic mean of the two evaluations (written and oral part).

Other information

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