Course President

Valeria Rossi

The President convenes and chairs the Course Council and supervises its activities.

Course Council

The tasks of the Course Council are governed by the University Teaching Regulations.
The Council consists of the course lecturers and researchers and a student representative.
Student representatives: Marcello Zito, Gaia Stampone, Alice Nevano, Brigitta Azzolini

Manager for Course Quality Assurance (QAM)

Prof.ssa Alessandra Mori

The QAM: collaborates with the President of the study course and the Department Director in planning improvement actions and monitors their implementation; monitors the correct performance of teaching activities and support services; informs the President of the study course of any problem concerning the correct performance of teaching activities, also on the basis of students' reports.

> Form for sending reports, complaints, suggestions, appreciations to the QAM


Course Teaching Quality Manager (TQM)

Elisabetta Davolio Marani

The manager ensures the organization and functionality of the didactics of the study course, manages and updates the content of the study course website.

Delegate for guidance and tutoring

Antonella Bachiorri

Guidance activities support students in their choice of university pathway and throughout their studies.

Delegate for career guidance

Anna Torelli

The Delegate organises and promotes initiatives aimed at facilitating the entry of undergraduate and graduate students into the world of work.

Contact person for students with disabilities, Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) or vulnerable groups

Paola Goffrini

The course contact person for vulnerable groups works in close cooperation with the CAI (Centre for Reception and Inclusion) in the field of reception, care, social integration and rights of people with disabilities, Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD), Special Educational Needs (BES).

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, which is composed of a representation of pharmaceutical course instructors and representatives from the world of work, ensures constant liaison with the world of business and the world of work, in order to assess the progress of the Study Courses, to draw up proposals for the definition and design of the course catalogue and learning objectives, and to promote contacts for any internships of students in companies and institutions.
Composition of the Steering Committee

Joint Committee of Teachers and Students - CPDS

Each department establishes a Joint Committee of Teachers and Students (CPDS) consisting of one lecturer and one student from each course of study pertaining to the department.

The CPDS is a permanent observatory on teaching activities.