Non-selective test

At the beginning of the curricular activities in the first year, there is a non-selective knowledge test (Self-Assessment Test) that allows students to assess their level of preparation in the mathematical, physical and chemical disciplines. Failure to pass the knowledge test results in an additional educational obligation (OFA) that must be fulfilled during the first year of the course. Any weaknesses revealed by the test result will be remedied by remedial/tutoring activities organised by the university or the CSD. OFAs will be checked either by means of specific partial tests administered at regular intervals during the lecture period or in the examination by means of specific questions and exercises. Those who, during the course of the academic year, do not appear for these tests or do not pass them, will have to take the self-assessment test again in October of the year following their year of enrolment. Information on the self-assessment test and the related remedial activities can be found on the website of the SCS and/or the SCVSA Department.
Syllabus for the Initial Knowledge Assessment Test Information on the a.y. self-assessment test 2021/2022 (pdf) Student self-assessment test guide