cod. 1009692

Academic year 2023/24
1° year of course - First semester
- Roberto MAZZI
Academic discipline
Disegno (ICAR/17)
Type of training activity
48 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

The CAD+BIM Workshop for the building project aims to train students by providing them with the basic tools and knowledge for the correct representation of project and design, by making them aware of the many methods of approach related to the design activities of a building project, by developing practical skills for the understanding and communication of graphic elements. The aim of the exercise will be to bring the student to a reasoned process, to facilitate the understanding of the evolutionary process of a project.


Knowledge of orthogonal and oblique projections facilitate a simple understanding of the basic concepts related to representation in both CAD and BIM.

Course unit content

The course addresses the issues related to the representation of the project, through the use of digital computer tools, analyzing the potential of CAD design and continuing with the use of BIM methodology with the help of dedicated programs. A first training part will be necessary concerning the methodological approach to the various types of representation related to the production areas of the works themselves, i.e. the aspects of graphic conventions based on UNI standards.
In this way it will be possible to deal with the nodal topics of representation in the construction field.
There will be theoretical and practical lessons in which the following topics will be dealt with:
- Topics related to 2D CAD
basic principles of CAD2D programmes
Drawing tools
Layouts, Layers, Layouts, Printing styles, Publication
- Topics related to BIM
Purpose of BIM
Cad to BIM
Graphic elaborations
Creating Rendering Views
Aspects related to 4D-5D
Aspects related to project planning

Full programme

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About BIM:
C. Rizzarda, G. Gallo, “La sfida del BIM, un percorso di adozione per progettisti e imprese”, Edizione Tecniche Nuove, Milano, 2017
About drawing, representation and design:
C. Benedetti, ”Costruire in legno”, Edizione Bolzano University Press, Bolzano 2014
C. Benedetti, "Risanare l’esistente", Edizione Bolzano University Press, Bolzano 2014
AA.VV. “Almanacco dell’architetto, da un’idea di Renzo Piano”, Edizione Proctor, Bologna 2012

Teaching methods

The course will take place in laboratory mode with the help of digital teaching material and video support, assisted by revisions of the products and reference texts.

Assessment methods and criteria

During the period of the course there will be intermediate verifications with the presentation of works produced by 2D CAS programs, and then move on to the elaboration of a model with BIM methodology. The final test will take place through the delivery of the graphic works and an oral verification with the discussion of the graphic works produced.

Other information

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