Transfers and course transitions

A student enrolled at another university who wishes to come to study at our university, or who is enrolled at this university and wishes to study elsewhere, may apply for a transfer.
In the first case it is an incoming transfer, in the second case it is an outgoing transfer.
If the student is enrolled at this university, but wishes to change degree course, he/she may apply for a change of course
The student who enrolled in a given academic year may apply, by the deadline of the second instalment of fees and without charge, for an option to another course of study. After that date, the option is no longer permitted and it is necessary to apply for a change of course.
For transfers (change of university) or transitions (change of course of study) please contact
the Engineering and Architecture Student Registry Office
“Area delle Science” Park, 23/a - University Campus - 43124 Parma
tel. 0521 905111 - fax 0521 906051