Characteristics of the final examination

The final examination for the degree consists of the writing of a paper (final report), which investigates a specific topic within the scope of the course of study of the degree, and the performance of a practical test. These topics, as a rule, must be interdisciplinary in nature and are addressed and explored in depth during internship activities.
The report is assessed by the Degree Committee with the candidate presenting and discussing it. The topic of the test and the type of paper are agreed upon by the student with the supervisor when the topic is assigned. The supervisor must be a lecturer holding a teaching position in the degree course, or a lecturer in an SSD provided for in the study plan, at the time the application is submitted.
The final examination includes the conduct of a practical test assessing the professional skills acquired during the training period, aimed at ascertaining the candidate's level of technical preparation for authorisation to practise the profession. To this end, the Committee for the final examination is supplemented by two experienced professionals designated by the national representatives of the relevant professional body or college.