cod. 22036

Academic year 2022/23
1° year of course - Second semester
- Rossana CECCHI
Academic discipline
Storia della medicina (MED/02)
Scienze umane e psicopedagogiche
Type of training activity
8 hours
of face-to-face activities
1 credits
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course unit

Learning objectives

The student will have to know the ethical-regulatory principles underlying the relationship with the patient, and how to apply them in the healthcare environment.


Student have to attend to the 75% of oral lessons

Course unit content

Principles of bioethics applied to the nurse-patient relationship. Deepening of the complexity of the relationship and communication with the chronic or terminal patient, with particular attention to gender differences.

Full programme

Law 219/2017: "Rules on informed consent and advance processing provisions".


Teacher's hand-outs

Teaching methods

Lectures will be held on-site in compliance with safety standards, provided that further instructions on the ongoing health emergency are not implemented. Supporting material will be available on the specific, student-reserved platform (Elly) and will include slide presentations, audio-video aids or video-recording of the lectures

Assessment methods and criteria

The written exam with questions about the course content will determine if the student has achieved the goal of knowledge and understanding of the content and if it is able to apply the knowledge gained

Other information

The platform to be used (via Teams / Elly / Respondus) and the corresponding guides:;;
https: // elly. (Employee name).