Enrolment procedures and deadlines

Students who have passed the admission test can proceed to enrolment according to the following link:
Registration procedures

Access requirements

In order to be admitted to a second-cycle degree course, one must hold a three-year university degree or diploma, or another qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable.
Graduates of the following three-year degree courses obtained at any university are admitted to the Second-Cycle Degree Course in Nursing and Midwifery Sciences, without any educational debts and with full recognition of the educational credits (ECTS) acquired:
Nursing (qualifying for the Health Profession of Nursing); Paediatric Nursing (qualifying for the Health Profession of Paediatric Nursing); Midwifery (qualifying for the Health Profession of Midwifery).
Subject to the opinion of the Second-Cycle Course Council (CCLM), qualifications obtained abroad with an overall course of study equivalent to the Italian one may be recognised, duly translated and validated by the competent Italian body (pursuant to art. 6(2) of Ministerial Decree No 509 of 3/11/99).
The previous careers of candidates with other qualifications will be assessed by the competent academic bodies, which, limited to those in a useful position in the ranking list, will assess them by identifying educational debts/ECTS credits. The modalities for covering identified training debts will be established by the competent academic bodies.


Admission procedures

The number of students admitted to the Second-Cycle Degree Course is limited and determined at national level by the Ministry of University and Research (Mur).
Access to the Course is therefore regulated by an admission test, which therefore has a selective function and is aimed at verifying possession of an adequate initial preparation. Procedures and contents are determined by a specific Ministerial Decree, on the basis of which the University of Parma issues an annual call for admission. This document also defines the procedures for ascertaining the identity of candidates and their obligations during the course of the test.
Academic year 2023/2024 Test date: 28 September 2023

Test venue: to be confirmed
Admission call: to be confirmed
More information: Department of Medicine and Surgery | Department of Medicine and Surgery (unipr.it)