Thesis/Final examination

In order to obtain a Master's Degree in Nursing and Midwifery Sciences, students must take a final examination, which they can enrol in after having passed all the other activities envisaged in their course of study.
The final examination for a Master's Degree in Nursing and Midwifery Sciences consists of the writing, presentation and discussion (before a designated committee) of a thesis written in original form by the student under the guidance of a supervisor.
In order to be admitted to the final examination for the award of the degree, the student must: a) have passed all the prescribed profit and knowledge examinations and have acquired the certificates and ECTS credits laid down in the Regulations; b) be in order with the payment of fees, university contributions and incidental expenses; c) be registered for the final examination.
The assessment of the final examination for the academic title is expressed in 100ths. The examination is deemed passed if the mark is at least 66/110. Unanimity of the committee is required for the awarding of honours.
The final grade is determined by the average of the marks achieved in the profit examinations.
Additional points may be awarded by the examining board upon completion of the dissertation and thus contribute to determining the final grade.
There are two graduation sessions, usually in December and April.