Transfers and course transitions

A student enrolled at another university who wishes to come to study at our university, or who is enrolled at this university and wishes to study elsewhere, may apply for a transfer.
If the student is enrolled at this university, but wishes to change degree course, he/she may apply for a change of course The student who enrolled in a given academic year may apply, by the deadline of the second instalment of fees and without charge, for an option to another course of study. After that date, the option is no longer permitted and it is necessary to apply for a change of course.

Administrative information on deadlines and modalities for transfers to years after the first one

LIMITATIONS Applications for transfer are only accepted from the V.O. second-cycle degree course in Nursing and Midwifery Sciences and no applications are accepted from V.O. degree courses prior to the Ministerial Decree. 270/2004, which stipulate that admission to degree courses requires passing the admission test in order to guarantee adequate training standards.
Since 2011/2012, the New Order (Ministerial Decree 270/04) has been activated. Students who meet the requirements to be enrolled in the 2nd year of the new system may apply for transfer. Requests will be accepted subject to availability of places.
DEADLINE Applications for clearance must be received by the Medical Careers and Services for Students Unit from 1 July to 14 October each year. Leave sheets must be received by 31 December of the current year.
METHODS Requests for transfer clearance must be submitted, by filling in Form. A/25, available both at the Careers and Services for Students Unit of Medicine and on the website in the 'forms' section at . Applications can be submitted from 1 July to 25 August to the Careers and Services for Students Unit of Medicine and Surgery - via Volturno, 39 - also by post, by registered mail with return receipt. In this case, a photocopy of a valid ID document must be attached. The postmark will not be taken as proof. The Mod. A/25 must be accompanied by:
-A self-certificate indicating the years of enrolment, examinations taken, attendance record including internship according to form A/26 which can be downloaded from the University website in the 'forms' section or obtained from the Student Registry Office.
- course syllabuses of all the courses taken and the relevant CFUs - programme of study - elective teaching activities carried out Students from foreign universities must enclose with their transfer application, in lieu of self-certification, the original certificates issued by the university of origin, accompanied by a legalised translation into Italian, and the analytical syllabuses of the examinations taken. The applications will be examined at the first available degree course council, which will decide on the year of enrolment, the granting of authorisation and the recognition of the career completed. It should also be noted that candidates must arrange, at their own expense, for the withdrawal of the documentation submitted, four months after the date of publication of the results and, furthermore, six months after the same date, the University cannot be held responsible in any way for the documentation submitted by individual candidates.
INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Notification of the results of submitted applications will be posted on the Degree Course website; for further information, students should contact the teaching contact person. Within one week of the publication of the above results, the student concerned must proceed according to point a) below, after which time he/she will be deemed to have withdrawn the transfer request and a subsequent notice will be published. Notification of the results, in accordance with the above-mentioned procedure, is valid for all legal purposes, and no other communication will be made to the interested parties. If the request is accepted, the interested party must: a) Apply to the UO Careers and Services for Students of Medicine and Surgery of Parma for the nulla osta for the transfer by sending an email to or by fax 0521347017 with the following subject "NULLA OSTA TRASFERIMENTO"; b) The nihil obstat itself will be sent to the interested party by e-mail or fax and must be delivered to the university of origin in order to finalise the seat transfer application; c) request from the university of origin the declaration of having applied for transfer; d) finalise the transfer using the online procedure by following the path "incoming transfer" at by clicking on the menu item Enrolment On Line.". You must also submit the signed application with the required documents and receipts for payments made, including the leave fee, to the Careers and Services for Students Unit of Medicine and Surgery.