The University of Parma promotes curricular traineeships in order to facilitate professional choices through direct knowledge of the world of work and the realisation of moments of alternation between study and work.
The curricular internship integrates and completes the student's training pathway through the performance of practical activities which, in accordance with the provisions of the Didactic Regulations of their course of study, may be carried out in facilities within the University or externally at qualified public and private organizations with which the University has entered into appropriate agreements.
The internship involves three subjects: the student, the promoter (the University of Parma) and the host (company or organization) where the activity is carried out under the guidance of a university tutor, a University instructor and a company tutor.
The curricular internship does not constitute a prerequisite for an employment relationship between the trainee and the host structure, nor can it be a substitute for company labour or professional services.

Conducting and Reporting on Traineeships

Verbalisation of internships Students must register (in Esse3) for both internships examinations in order to verbalise the suitability of the internship (they must have completed both internships and submitted the internship report in plenary, for which they must follow the attached procedures). The internship report (Prof. Galante) will only be executed if the student has complied with the "Internship Regulations" and has handed in the "Course Appreciation Questionnaire" and the "Internship Quality Assessment Questionnaire" (1 and 2 ) to the relevant tutor.


Apprenticeship training pact - Apprenticeship attendance form

Internships cannot be activated unless the INTERNSHIP TRAINING PACT is completed, as provided for in the agreement with the host organizations. The internship agreement must be filled out exclusively with the relevant didactic tutor at least 15 days before the start of the internship, signed in the first instance by the student and the didactic tutor, then by the company tutor, who will draw up the training objectives with the student, and finally countersigned by the Director of Professional Training Activities (DADP) of the course of study; only after the bureaucratic process has been completed can the internship begin.
Once the student has identified the desired internship, he/she will notify the educational tutor, specifying the location, period and type of internship (short 96 hours, long 120 hours), who will then formally request it from the host organisation's company tutor. Always check if there is an agreement with the desired host organization.


Guidelines for reporting accidents in university facilities

Guidelines for Accident Reporting in University Facilities reference link:

Cartellino identificativo per Tirocinanti

Per i tirocini che avranno luogo presso l'Azienda ospedaliero-universitaria di Parma e l'Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale di Parma, lo studente è tenuto ad esporre sul camice il cartellino identificativo durante il Tirocinio.