cod. 01631

Academic year 2021/22
1° year of course - First semester
WINKLER Fabienne
Academic discipline
Lingua e traduzione - lingua francese (L-LIN/04)
Type of training activity
36 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit
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Learning objectives

The goal of this class is to give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the French language and the cultures for which it is a vehicle, helping you to improve your ability to understand what you hear, to communicate orally, to read any written support – articles, essays, papers etc. , and to express yourself in writing on many different social and geopolitical topics.


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Course unit content

We will work only on live material (reportages, conférences, interviews. etc... as well as articles; essays etc. ) in Political Sciences ; Geopolitics, around the world concentrating on Francophone countries

In reference to:
Les institutions de la France
La Francophonie

La Géopolitique:
L’actualité géopolitique
La migration humaine
La notion de frontières
Les droits de l’Homme
La laicité
Le cinéma et la littérature et les droits de l’homme; l’immigration, etc.

Full programme

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There is no book required.
Material will be specifically chosen for this course and provided in class

Recommended Resources - Sites and live material chosen especially for the course such as:

La Francophonie -

Revue Esprit:

« Les Institutions de la France » - G. Bernard, B. De Gunten, A.Martin, M.Niogret, Paris 2009, casa ed. Nathan
Official web sites:

Etc. ...

Dictionnaire monolingue

Grammaire de support

«Lexique de Science Politique» - vie et institutions politiques – Paris, 2011 II edizione casa ed. Dalloz.

Recommended reading:

“Refaire Société” – La République des Idées – Pierre Rosanvallon, Paris, 2011, casa ed. Seuil.

Teaching methods

This course will focus on developing communicative and cultural competencies, that is on developing your listening and reading comprehension, written and oral skills in French:
- talking about general and specific social, cultural and geopolitical topics;

- reading articles and essays on specific social, cultural and geopolitical topics

- listening to reportages on specific social, cultural and geopolitical topics

- presenting (written and oral) on one of the arguments you have talked and read about.

We will be working with only current, live, audio-visual material (reportages, conférences, débats).
There will be Travaux dirigés groups and individual.

Assessment methods and criteria


According to eventual measures taken during the covid-19 emergency

For the students who will take the class, grading will be based on:

a) strong participation in class

b) written and oral presentation –
“Essay” and “Exposé” will be on one of the topics studied in class
- the "exposé" will have to be presented to the class in a debate format

It is required for the students who did not take the class to contact Prof. F. Winkler per email or su Teams during the semester prior to the exam, to choose together a study program.
According to eventual measures taken during the covid-19 emergency

Grading will be based on:
in presence:
a) A written essay on a political sciences and international relations topic studied in class

b) An oral production with a listening comprehension on a geopolitical topic followed by a discussion on that specific topic

On line:
Once the program of study chosen together, there will be small written productions on different arguments in socio-politics and a final essay (750 words minimum).
The subject of essay will have to be discussed with Prof. Winkler prior to the examination date.

b) An oral production with a listening comprehension on a geopolitical topic followed by a discussion on that specific topic always according to the eventual measures taken for the covid-19 emergency.

Other information

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