Thesis/Final examination

The second-cycle degree in International and European Relations is obtained after passing a final examination, which consists of the writing and discussion of a paper, no less than 80 cartelle, on a topic related to a course unit on the degree course. In this test, the student must demonstrate the ability to carry out the analysis of a problem inherent in the field of one of the disciplines of study of the course, from a multidisciplinary perspective and using the most up-to-date results of research and international scientific literature.
Information on the final examination can be found in the degree course regulations.

Dissertation preparation

The Degree Course periodically organises a thesis preparation course, aimed at providing students with the indispensable methodological criteria for drafting of the dissertation, as well as the necessary skills for retrieving and selecting materials and citing content correctly.  
The course usually takes place in February and September each year, and consists of two two-hour meetings.
The course is taught by a researcher or research grant holder from the Department of Law, Politics and International Studies on a rotating basis.
Attendance on the course is not compulsory, so students who are unable to attend will be advised by the supervisor to make use of appropriate reference material, including computerised material (slides and video recordings), made available via the Degree Course website.
In the A.Y. 2021/2022, the dissertation preparation course was held on the following dates:

In addition, two further meetings were held in connection with the preparation of the dissertation in the historical field and in the socio-economic field:
historical field
18 May 17:00 - supervisors: Prof. Umberto Castagnino Berlinghieri and Prof. Fabio Corigliano Socio-economic sphere
23 May 11.00am - supervisor: Prof. Giacomo Degli Antoni and Prof. Michela Semprebon
For the A.Y. 2022/2023 meetings are scheduled in the following periods:

Dissertation preparation course, more details on the Central Library website

AlmaLaurea Questionnaire

Graduating students must complete the AlmaLaurea questionnaire: ⇒ AlmaLaurea Questionnaire for Graduating Students 
The questionnaire allows students to contribute, with their own judgement, to improving the University, to guiding future students and to carrying out surveys to monitor how the professionalism of graduates fits into the world of work.