cod. 1005504

Academic year 2021/22
2° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Psicologia dinamica (M-PSI/07)
Psicologia dinamica e clinica
Type of training activity
56 hours
of face-to-face activities
8 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

To gain knowledge on how to apply psychodynamic psychology principles during the clinical interview with the patient; To develop a full understanding and to get familiar with the psychodynamic aspects of severe pathologies such as personality disorders.


Course unit content

1) General orientations of psychodynamic psychology: The theories of drives from Freud to Ego Psychology; Self-Psychology; Attachment theory; Object-relations theory
2) Practical implications of psychoanalythic theory: the structural diagnosis, defense mechanisms, fundamentals of technique of the interview
3) Clinical applications: personality disorders

Full programme


The students will be provided with all the slides of the class, that will be posted on Elly. In addition it is suggested the following textbook of psychodynamic psychology:
Gian Luca Barbieri: Psicologia Dinamica. Tra teoria e metodo. Edizioni Libreria Cortina Milano (2009)

And, specifically, the following chapters:
The examination will focus on both the slides and the book chapters.

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons, in person.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written test, multiple choice, in person. The test will last 20 minutes and include 30 questions regarding the contents of the class (suggested textbook + slides posted on Elly). There is no penalty for incorrect answers. Each correct answer is scored as 1. Incorrect or blank answer are scored as 0. Students will need to give at least 18 correct answers to pass the test. The final mark will be computed considering the proportion of correct answers on the remaining questions. The final mark will be communicated on the Esse 3 platform.

Other information