Thesis/Final examination

To obtain the Second-Cycle Degree, students must pass a final examination consisting in a written dissertation, under the supervision of a professor/instructor holding a teaching post in the degree course, in Italian or English, and its public discussion before a panel. The dissertation is an original and in-depth research contribution, based on the reasoned choice of a specific topic and on the analysis of the scientific literature relevant to it. The thesis can be either empirical (collection of experimental or observational data, meta-analysis of published results) or theoretical (critical analysis of the literature and critical reflection on conceptual and methodological issues), with equal dignity.

The thesis work begins with the approval of a project, sent by the student to the president of the degree course at least six months before the scheduled graduation session, at the beginning of each semester (indicatively, by 15 October and 15 February), consisting of an indicative title and the proposal of two names for the supervisor (in order of preference). The Degree Council will evaluate the applications and assign the professor/instrucotor to each project. Candidates are encouraged to contact potential supervisors before submitting their thesis project.   

The procedures for submitting and evaluating the student's individual work are further specified in the Teaching Regulations of the Second-Cycle Degree Course and in the Regulations for the Performance of Second-Cycle Degree Theses.


The grade is a mark out 110.

Rules for the development of the second-cycle degree thesis in PNC

Rules for the development of the second-cycle degree thesis in PNC

Final examination conduct norms

Regulations for the performance of second-cycle degree theses in PNC

"In order to obtain a Second-Cycle Degree, students must pass a final test consisting in the writing of a written dissertation (second-cycle degree thesis), in Italian or English, and its public discussion in front of a commission (second-cycle degree commission). The effort required for the preparation of the thesis corresponds to 12 ECTS credits, to which a further 8 ECTS credits of pre-degree internship may be added when the field of internship is relevant to research.  

Upon approval, students must submit a copy of the Thesis Request Form and Thesis Commencement Notice to the Student Registry Office.

The dissertation committee consists of at least five members, the majority of whom are professors/instructors on the degree course. 

The President of the commission is a tenured professor, firstly the Department Director or the President of the Course Council, and secondly the senior professor with the most seniority.

Grading grid for the degree examination:

- knowledge and understanding of the literature: 0 to 2 points;

- quality and methodological rigour: 0 to 2 points;

- understanding of the results and methods of analysis: 0 to 2 points;

- quality of the paper and oral presentation: 0 to 2 points.

The minimum mark for passing the degree examination is 66/110. Theses assessed as deserving a mark of 110/110 may be awarded the dignity of honours on the basis of the quality of the research carried out and also taking into account the candidate's curriculum vitae. Honours may be proposed by any of the committee members and must be approved unanimously by the committee. Evidence of plagiarism degree coursethat is sufficient grounds for rejection

Final examination norms - with dematerialised update of online application

The deadlines for each graduation session for the obligations listed below are published on the Graduation Sessions Calendar and Deadlines page as soon as they are available 

The deadlines for each graduation session for the obligations listed below are published on the Graduation Sessions Calendar and Deadlines page as soon as they are available

At the beginning of each semester (as a rule, in the weeks of 15 October and 15 February) the student must submit a thesis project (title, proposal of two names for the supervisor in order of preference, possible indication of related pre-degree internship) to the President of the Degree Course.  No later than two months after the deadline for submission of the thesis, the Course Council assigns each undergraduate student a Co-Supervisor, who contributes to the final writing of the thesis, suggesting any elements for improvement or integration.

No later than 30 days before the date of the graduation examination, the undergraduate student must compulsorily complete the Degree Application Form exclusively online, from his/her Esse3 student profile, in the section ""Degree / Final Examination -> Degree attainment"", as per the guide published here:…;

During the procedure

a) register with the Alma Laurea University Consortium System and fill in the relative questionnaire;

b) upload the following compulsory document: signed form relating to the Rules of Conduct to be followed during the degree course (available on this page).

At the end of the procedure, the payment slips of €116.00 and €16.00 (degree courseto diplomas and parchments and two virtual stamps for the Parchment) will be generated in the payment section of the student profile, to be paid by the application deadline.

No later than 12 days before the date of the degree examination the candidate must complete the profit examinations and also hand in the academic transcript (for those who enrolled prior to A.Y. 2015-16) to the Student Registry Office; hand in the internship booklet; upload your thesis in Esse3 following the instructions in the student guide:;

promptly notify the Supervisor, the Co-Supervisor and the Student Registry Office of the postponement to the next session if the student is unable to graduate in the scheduled session.

No later than one week before the graduation exam, the candidate must upload a digital copy of his/her dissertation, in .pdf format, together with an abstract in Italian and an abstract in English (maximum two A4 pages, double spaced) to the University's DSpace website, according to the instructions below. At the same time, he/she must submit to the Quality Assurance Manager of the Degree Course the declaration of intellectual property form, attached below.

Thesis dissertation writing

1. For the cover page please refer to the fac-simile - MOD 03, attached to this page. The names of the Supervisor and Co-supervisor must be indicated;
2. the thesis will contain, in the following order: summary, introduction, body of the text, bibliography, and for research thesis only also materials and methods, results and discussion;
3. materials and methods will be exsensively described;
4. pictures and tables will have a title and an explanatory legend;
5. lexternal references will be drawn according to the relevant APA norms;
6. the thesisi format will have to contain at least 25 pages double spaced;
7. it is advisible to print on both sides of the page.
8. lthe thesis can be written in English.

Below you can find a document summarising the most important indications of APA (VII edition) on the format of students' theses in the psychological area.