cod. 23649

Academic year 2021/22
2° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Chimica analitica (CHIM/01)
Attività formative affini o integrative
Type of training activity
55 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

At the end of classes the student will be able to:-Understanding and knowledge classical and innovative analytical methods fot the various analytical matrices analysis-evaluating the peculiar chemical analyses to be requested and/or performed to achieve an environmental problem solution-analyzing in the right way the data supplied after a chemical analysis-planning or performing group experiments-correctly communicating using reports problems by using true and objective data


Knowledge of basic chemistry and environmental chemistry

Course unit content

analytical methods classification: classical and instrumental methods, according to time, cost and performance, according matrix analytes and level of concentration-information that can be achieved from various analytical techniques-use of the analytical techniques as a function of various environmental samples and of the information that could be obtained-the whole analytical process starting from sampling to the final report- the evaluation of data quality- the right communication of data

Full programme


C. Baird, M. Cann Chimica Ambientale terza edizione, ed. Zanichelli, ISBN 978-88-08-17378-2.
D.C. Harris, Chimica Analitica Quantitativa terza edizione, ed. Zanichelli, ISBN:978-88-08-82105-8

Teaching methods

Frontal classes. During classes comment and solution to actual environmental problems will be proposed and collegially discussed. Moreover official analysis methods and relevant scientific papers will be debated.
It is part of the course and mandatory, to attend 2 laboratories and a visit to an air quality monitoring facility

Assessment methods and criteria

Verbal examination of 30 min as an average, concerning at least three topics of the classes. The student should demonstrate the understanding and mastery of the selected topics. As an alternative the student could present using PowerPoint, and discuss a recent paper concerning one of the topics of the course. The selected paper should be approved in advance by the teacher.The exam is passed if the candidate will demostrate knowledge and a rational criticism of the paper, highlighting pros an cons.
The exam evaluation will be immediately notified to the candidate

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