cod. 19778

Academic year 2021/22
2° year of course - Second semester
Professor responsible for the course unit
CAMMI Emilio
integrated course unit
6 credits
course unit

Learning objectives

The main objective of the program is to assist the students to gain the skills and the tools to enable them to analyse and understand the main structure and different aspects of the community health service.
The students will acquire advance knowledge in respect to the topics and subjects of the program.


Course unit content

The structure, rules and regulations for the development of the community services;
-the development of the community SSN service
- the core and conduct of community nursing;
-Hospice and palliative care;
- The District, the Casa della Salute- community, the continuity teams, the community coordination centre
-the family and district nurses,
- Women and Children services; clinics, health centres addressed to families, young people, couples and adoption services
- the history of the Community Paediatricians; infections control, vaccination service and management of drugs in the school environment.
- the gynaecology and midwifery community service working along side with hospital services.

Full programme


Learning tools such as slides and scientific journals and articles are available to the students.
Articles and journals are linked to specific learning objects.

Teaching methods

Interactive lectures with use of audiovisual media - discussion in the classroom of design experiences / organizational models analyzed

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral examination.

Other information