cod. 16893

Academic year 2021/22
2° year of course - First semester
Mario Cesare FAINI
Academic discipline
Economia aziendale (SECS-P/07)
Attività formative affini o integrative
Type of training activity
8 hours
of face-to-face activities
1 credits
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course unit

Integrated course unit module: HEALTH MANAGEMENT

Learning objectives

I) Knowledge and understanding. Knowledge of organizational processes,
organizational and coordination tools inside healthcare organizations.
Knowledge of organizations’ systemic analysis and specific elements,
knowledge of organizational integration and types of organizational
structure. Knowledge of organizational planning.
II) Applying knowledge and understanding. At the end of the course, the
student will be able to analyze the organizational structure of healthcare
entities and to use coordination and performance assessment tools.
III) Making judgements. The student will be able to analyse the main
characteristic of an organization and to define which coordination and
performance assessment tools are proper.
IV) Communication skills. The students will be able to speak correctly
with healthcare managers and to express properly about organizational
m o d e l s .
V) Learning skills. The student will be able to understand in depth the
analysis and planning process in healthcare organization.



Course unit content

The course provides for the presentation of the following topics:
1) Introduction to business organization
2) The performance assessment in a healthcare organization
3) Managing and endorsing the personnel in healthcare organizations
4) Planning the nursing service: coordination tools
5) Organizational theories
6) Organizational planning
7) Quality and safety for nursing professionals: matters and assessment
8) Organizing the nursing job. Organizational models for nursing services.

Full programme

see contents


Zangrandi A., Economia e management per le professioni
sanitarie, MILANO:McGraw Hill, (2011) ISBN: 9788838636905
(Chapters 7-8-10-11-12-13)

Teaching methods

Lectures (using slides) and discussion with students.

Assessment methods and criteria

The achievement of all the educational aims (I, II, III, IV, V) is assessed
through a test with multiple choise questions.

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