cod. 1007256

Academic year 2017/18
1° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Scienze tecniche di medicina di laboratorio (MED/46)
Scienze e tecniche di laboratorio biomedico
Type of training activity
14 hours
of face-to-face activities
2 credits
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course unit

Integrated course unit module: MOLECULAR AND APPLIED BIOLOGY

Learning objectives

The course will provide the student in Biomedical laboratory techniques and historical basic notions for understanding the professional role who are about to exercise (introductory form).
This will include a first part consisting of a historical and legal context of laboratory medicine and in particular the development of health professions, up to the understanding of the role of the laboratory within the healthcare environment.
This will be followed by a general part concerning safety in the lab, the role of pre-analysis for error checking and learning the basic principles for the interpretation of laboratory tests



Course unit content

The course is divided into two modules provides in part:
- brief historical and legal context concerning the birth of laboratory medicine and specific profession in Italy;
- role and functions of the laboratory of biomedical analyses in health;
- study of general principles used for the analysis and interpretation of laboratory tests.

Full programme

• Historical overview of laboratory medicine and the professional development of the technical.
• Regulatory framework for the development and definition of the functions and responsibilities of the health professions in Italy.
• Contents of the code of conduct and specific professional profile.
• The role of the laboratory in hospitals (functions and organization).
• Safety in the lab
• The pre order and the cause of the failure.
• General principles for the assessment and interpretation of laboratory tests.


Widman "Clinical Interpretation of Laboratory Examinations" Giancarlo Gazzola, Renata Franchi-Gazzola, Valeria dall'Asta, Ovidio Bussolati and Roberto Sala.
A.Cuneo, A. Rigolin "Italian Treatise on Laboratory Medicine" Piccin Editore.
Filippo Pasquinelli "Diagnostics and laboratory techniques" Rosini Editrice.
S.L. Magalini, G.P. Mascioli "The Clinical Laboratory Engineer" Edizioni C.E.P.I.

Teaching methods

Lectures carried out with use of computer media/audiovisual and plenary debate on the contents of the lessons (participatory method).

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral examination to verify the level of knowledge and acquisition of concepts expressed in class.

Other information

Nothing to report.