Enrolment procedures and deadlines

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Entry requirements

A high school diploma or other recognised foreign qualification is required for access to the degree course.
The candidate must possess basic knowledge of the main chemical, physical and biological phenomena underlying the organisation and functioning of living organisms as well as of the relationships of organisms with the main disease agents and with the environment, and basic knowledge of one European Union language in addition to Italian (Art. 6 DM 509/99).
The assessment of initial preparation is organised by the University, on the basis of the provisions issued each year by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), in accordance with the provisions on access to nationally-scheduled courses, by means of an entrance examination based on multiple-choice questions on chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, logic and general culture topics.
Any training gaps are established when the ranking list is drawn up and remedial courses are defined during the first semester of the first year by the relevant professors/instructors. Training gaps must be filled before taking the first-year examinations.
Information on admission to the course is available at:
Further information on admission tests is available at: http://www.unipr.it.
Furthermore, in order to allow students from other degree courses to access the degree course in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques, in compliance with the University regulations, the relevant curricula are assessed in detail, defining which examinations can be validated, as well as any training gaps to be filled within the first semester of the course.

Admission procedures

The number of available places is programmed at national level pursuant to Article 1 of Law 264/1999; the provisions on programming at national level issued annually by the Ministry of Universities and Research (MIUR) apply.
Admission to the degree course is open to candidates holding a secondary-school diploma or an equivalent foreign qualification, pursuant to Ministerial Decree DM 270/04, Art 6(1). MIUR annually publishes the methods and contents of the admission tests for degree courses with nationwide scheduled access, which are referred to in the admission notice.
The test date for admission to the health professions degree courses is set for 14 September 2023.
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