cod. 1004709

Academic year 2014/15
2° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Indefinito/interdisciplinare (NN)
Per la conoscenza di almeno una lingua straniera
Type of training activity
Language/Final test
7 hours
of face-to-face activities
1 credits
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course unit
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Integrated course unit module: DIAGNOSIS TESTS APPLIED TO SPORTS

Learning objectives

Knowledge and understanding
students need to learn the fundamentals of English language

Applying knowledge and understanding
students must use the technical language for physical education

Making judgements
ability to reason about an English text (scientific article)

Communication skills
ability to understand and be understood in technical situations

Learning skills
ability to summarize a short technical text


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Course unit content

The first lesson covers the basics of English grammar: articles, pronouns, verbs.
Subsequent lessons treat the syntactic structure of the most common phrases
The last lessons are focused on the terminology and phrasing for sport and exercise sciences.

Full programme

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lecture notes

Teaching methods

class lectures

Assessment methods and criteria

10 multiple choice tests (test in progress, yes or no result)
students must answer correctly at least to 5/10 questions
the questions are English sentences in which there is a missing term, to be completed

Other information

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