cod. 00799

Academic year 2014/15
2° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Petrologia e petrografia (GEO/07)
Discipline di scienze della terra
Type of training activity
42 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit
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Learning objectives

The aim of the course is to provide the basis for rock identification on the basis of their structural and textural features and mineral associations. The course is divided in two parts: 1. identification and description of hand samples, 2. identification and description of the rocks at microscope


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Course unit content

1. Main processes of rock formation.
2. Magmatic rocks: physical and chemical features of magmas, crystallisation of magmas, magma evolution. Classification of magmatic rocks: structural and textural features, mineral associations, chemical compositions.
3. Metamorphic rocks: definition, limits and types of metamorphism. Metamorphic minerals and metamorphic structures. Classification of metamorphic rocks.
4. Sedimentary rocks: rock degradation, sediment transport and deposition. Lithification of sediments. Composition, structure and texture of sedimentary rocks and their classification.
5. Rock-environment interactions. Rock alteration in relation to their composition and formation of soils.

6. Principles of optical mineralogy: the petrographic microscope, orthoscopic and conoscopic observations. Microscope identification of the main rock types.

Full programme

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MacKenzie W.S., Guilford C. - Atlante dei minerali costituenti le rocce in sezione sottile. Ed. Zanichelli, Bologna
MacKenzie W.S., Donaldson C.H., Guilford C. - Atlante delle rocce magmatiche e delle loro tessiture. Ed. Zanichelli, Bologna
Yardley B.W.D., Mackenzie W.S., Guilford C. - Atlante delle rocce metamorfiche e delle loro microstrutture. Ed. Zanichelli, Bologna
Adams A.E., MacKenzie W.S., Guilford C. - Atlante delle rocce sedimetarie al microscopio. Ed. Zanichelli, Bologna
Deer W.A., Howie R.A., Zussman J. - Introduzione ai minerali che costituiscono le rocce. Ed. Zanichelli, Bologna
D'Argenio B., Innocenti F., Sassi F.P. - Introduzione allo studio delle rocce. Ed. UTET, Torino
Peccerillo A., Perugini D. – Introduzione alla Petrografia ottica. Morlacchi Editore, Perugia
Morbidelli L. – Le rocce e i loro costituenti. Bardi Editore, Roma

Teaching methods

, lectures and laboratory

Assessment methods and criteria

oral examination

Other information

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