Thesis/Final examination

The final examination consists of the preparation of an in-depth and original written paper, written under the supervision of a lecturer, who is a professor on the course of study in Social and clinical applied psychology.

The paper may be either a critical analysis of the literature relating to a specific field of study or empirical research carried out directly by the candidate. In all cases, the preparation of the paper requires the reasoned choice of a relevant topic, a critical understanding of most of the international literature on the chosen topic, the autonomous use of data collection tools, both theoretical and empirical, and the personal and original reworking of the chosen topic.

The paper will be presented and discussed by the candidate in a public session in the presence of a graduation committee and a co-rapporteur and will be marked in hundredths.

The Commission will assess the candidate's preparation as a whole, taking into account the entire university career and the work related to the preparation and presentation of the thesis.

Participation in research

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