Enrolment procedures and deadlines

For A.Y. 2022-2023, the degree course in Social and Clinical Applied Psychology will be subject to local admission.The selection will be based on qualifications. On this page you will find information on the number of places available, deadlines, eligibility requirements and other useful information.

Places available

FIRST SESSION (July): allocation of 90 places reserved for graduates as of 25 July 22
> Rank list (publication on 2 August 2022)

SECOND SESSION (September-October) allocation of 40 places + any remaining places from the First Session + 2 for non-EU citizens residing abroad + 1 for citizens of the People's Republic of China - "Marco Polo Programme " reserved for graduates and undergraduates as at 28 October 22
> Rank list (publication on 30 September 2022)
> First repechage rank list (publication on 7 November 2022)
> Second repechage rank list (publication on 14 November 2022)

The rank list will be compiled on the basis of the weighted average of the profit examinations of the M-PSI scientific disciplinary fields. In the event of a tied score, priority will be given to the youngest candidate.

Requirements for registering for the first and second selection sessions on the basis of qualifications

  • First-cycle degree in Psychology (class 34 or class L-24) or any Italian degree or equivalent qualification, with at least 88 ECTS credits of psychological course units in the M-PSI (M-PSI/01 to M-PSI/08) scientific-disciplinary fields, also acquired through Single Courses. No Master's degree, advanced courses or other
  • Weighted average in only the profit examinations in the scientific disciplinary fields M-PSI of at least 23.000/30. In the case of degrees obtained abroad, the Course Council will assess the profitability of examinations in the psychology subjects
  • A B1-level English qualification. Should the student be unable to certify the aptitude level, it will be verified during the English B2 test during the course

Admission call

The Admission Call contains all useful information for admission to the degree course in Social and Clinical Applied Psychology.

Weighted average calculation

This spreadsheet is a tool for the candidate. Please note that a self-certification must be produced for registration.