Transfers and passages

The passages from other degrees courses from the Universities of Piacenza, Parma, Modena and Reggio Emilia, Bologna or Ferrara, or the transfers from other universities, is allowed, pending the verification of all the requirements set forth in Art. 4 and Art. 10 of the Course Regulations  and in compliance with the current legislation. If specific course units can be recognized as already fulfilled by external activities or course units, the Course Council proposes the year of the course of registration.

For students having obtained the first-cycle Degree abroad, and/or in possession of qualifications with systems without ECTS credits, or in possession of other qualifications, the verification of the curricular requirements will be carried out by the didactic Commission, considering the appropriate equivalences between the contents of the course units attended by the student (and passed with positive evaluation) and the tables above. 

On the base of the previous academic career, the Course Council decides on the year of enrollment. 

For the academic year 2024/2025 transfers and changes to the first and second year are accepted from 17/07/2024 (opening) to 09/09/2024 (last deadline).

Students intending to transfer or switch to the Master's Degree Course in FS&FRM must also complete the exam validation request and send it to  within the deadlines set above.


General Rules

For all administrative aspects, the candidate must always refer to the “Prospectus” published annually on the University website. 

The enrollment application can only be submitted online, according to the methods indicated on the website under the heading Prospectus.



Students who are enrolled in another university and want to come and study at our university can apply for a transfer. 

Registration must be made online:, after receipt of the documentation related to the previous career sent by the previous University to the University of Parma.  

It should be noted that the paper/digital documentation related to the student's previous career sent by the University of origin, must be recorded as received by the University of Parma well in advance, since the Student Secretariat will notify via e-mail the student of the receipt of the incoming documents from the university of origin, and only at this point the student will be able to enroll by following the instructions for online enrollment. 


All information and instructions to apply for a course change are available at the following webpage: