Registration for examinations

Registration for the exams is possible exclusively through the Esse3 platform.

You can  access ESSE3 using your University credentials (user name of the type <name.surname> and password).

Once authenticated, the system will show in the EXAMS menu all the dates of the exams to which you can register (the exam of the course units present in your electronic booklet, which can be consulted in the "CAREER - exams" menu).

For more information on the use of the ESSE3 platform, please consult this page. Registered students have the possibility, after logging in, to view the session with the list of students enrolled up to that moment and to register online.

In order to enrol the exams it is necessary:
  - to have finalised administrative regularization (registration, payment of fees).
  - to have filled in the online programme of study

More information about exam registration and tutorials can be found at:

FAQ - Exam Registration

FAQ - "Bacheca Esiti"

Students' Survey

For each course, the student must fill in on the online ESSE3 system the corresponding student survey form before being allowed to take the exam.
The student survey form can be filled in starting from the date when 2/3 of the course unit classes have been taught. Please fill it in early! The earlier, the better, as you will have fresh in your memory the pros and cons of the course. Your evaluations and suggestions will be processed in an anonymous aggregated way and will be published on the University website according to our Quality Assurance Policy. Your opinion counts and helps us make a better University!

For all the information: 


Exam calendar

This tab allows you to consult the exam calendar of the degree course  you are interested in.

Esse3 - Session notice board

You can consult the exam dates of your degree course  within the date range you selected.

For each exam date you will be able to check the start time of the exam and the classroom in which it takes place.