Studying abroad

The University of Parma offers all its students various opportunities to foster the development of a real international dimension of university study. From exchanges in Europe through the Erasmus Plus Programme to extra-European mobility with the Overworld Programme and numerous pathways for acquiring a double degree.

Some study courses, in fact, thanks to the conclusion of international agreements with partner universities, provide the opportunity, at the end of the university course, to obtain a double degree with one or more associated foreign universities.

Assistance and agreements for international mobility

The service intends to deal with the definition of agreements with universities in other countries for the international mobility of students, in particular for periods of training abroad, but also, for example, for the award of joint or double degrees, appropriate for the achievement of the expected learning outcomes, the organisation and management of the international mobility of outgoing students and the reception of incoming students from other countries.

The University of Parma has started an important work aimed at increasing the number of courses with double or joint degrees, with a view to increasing and promoting international mobility. In this sense, the development policies of the course catalogue have taken into specific consideration the relationship between the international development of the course catalogue itself, its sustainability and adequacy, and the territorial dimension and relations with other universities.

The intense activity aimed at improving internationalisation has taken the form of an increase in language training opportunities, the consolidation of exchange activities within the Erasmus+ Programme, the expansion of exchange opportunities within the OVERWORLD University Programme, the implementation of double degree programmes with structured mobility, the TeachinParma project for the support of Visiting Professors working within the Doctoral Schools, and the recruitment of Visiting Professors for teaching activities in Level I and II courses.

Since 2014, the university has had a stable structure (Erasmus and International Home), entirely dedicated to foreign students and administrative support functions for outgoing students.

The Department of Economics and Management has been committed to internationalisation for several years through the signing of exchange agreements, the promotion of double degrees and other joint projects with other European and non-European universities. This activity is promoted by a 12-member internationalisation commission with the support of two students acting as tutors for both incoming and outgoing students.

The Department of Economics and Management has been engaged in internationalisation for several years through the signing of exchange agreements, the promotion of double degrees, and the development of other joint projects with other European and non-European universities. This activity is promoted by an International Mobility Commission consisting of sixteen members with the help of three students acting as mentors for both incoming and outgoing students.
Exchange opportunities take place within the framework of the Erasmus Plus SMS and Overworld programmes, both of which provide funding for internationalisation. These agreements are updated every year by the University's International Relations Department and provide for the issuing of one call for applications per year and the formation of the relevant ranking list.

With reference to the Erasmus Plus Programme, three new agreements were signed in 2019/2020 (Wageningen University, The Netherlands; Panepistimio Kyprou, Cyprus; DHBW Heilbronn, Germany).
The Erasmus Plus international mobility programme also includes the possibility of internships abroad (Erasmus+ SMT programme, Traineeship) and the mobility of lecturers, both incoming and outgoing (Erasmus+ STA programme). In 2019, three foreign lecturers delivered coass packages in the Department's degree programmes and six lecturers from our Department delivered lectures in foreign universities.

With reference to the Overworld Programme, the network of non-European relationships has expanded greatly in recent years. In the year A.Y. 2019/2020, new exchanges were set up at the following universities: Shizuoka University - Japan, The Academy of Economics Studies of Moldova - Moldova, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University - Ukraine, Hanoi University of Industry and Thai Nguyen University of Economics And Business Administration Vietnam. In addition to these, several Memoranda of Understanding were signed as a prelude to new exchanges.
In the United States, a particularly prestigious agreement with Saint Francis University (SFU) in the United States is worth mentioning. The network of relationships created today allows us both to meet all the needs of our students and to host foreign students from all over the world.
The Overworld call for entries comes out annually between January and February.

The Department also has several double degrees (DD): the first double degree was stipulated with the Faculty of Economics of Vilnius University in Lithuania (2012), followed by double degrees with the University of Pamukkale in Turkey (currently suspended), Lyone in France, Grenoble in France and Bochum in Germany. On the other hand, the double degree with Lyon was cancelled due to the decision of our partner (asymmetry in incoming and outgoing flows). In 2019, a new double degree agreement was signed with the Fecap in São Paulo, Brazil.
Another agreement active in Europe outside the Erasmus Programme concerns the agreement between the Department of Economics and the University of Dundee, UK. It has been in place for several years and is aimed at the participation of our Second-cycle degree students in one of their university master's degree programmes in economics, business or finance. There is a privileged channel for our students in the selection process and the possibility of competing for scholarships offered by their university. Participation in the Dundee Master's degree entitles our students, upon their return to Parma, to the recognition of 40 ECTS credits and enrolment in the second year of the Master's degree.

FRIM has activated the Double Degree (DD) University FECAP - Fundação Escola de Comércio Álvares Penteado, Sao Paulo, Brazil | whose details are specified on the Department's website page

Double Degree (DD)

The FRIM Degree Course has activated the Double Degree | FECAP University - Fundação Escola de Comércio Álvares Penteado, Sao Paulo, Brazil |

For more information please see the pages:

International (programmes offered by the University)

International exchanges (programmes based on specific agreements between the Department of Economics and Management and foreign universities)

International Student Mobility Committee

The Committee is composed of teaching staff members from the Department and manages student mobility in relation to all international exchange programmes (Erasmus Plus, Overworld etc.).

Committee President: Prof. Maria Cecilia Mancini

Contact persons

Double degree: Prof. Fabio Landini

Erasmus: Prof. Donata Tania Vergura

Overworld: Prof. Andrea Cilloni

Erasmus+ e Overworld

'Erasmus and International Home' is the service and reception centre dedicated to the University's international exchange activities, the University's point of reference for international educational exchanges and support services for incoming and outgoing student mobility.

In addition, students in the Department who need support and information on international exchanges can contact the Department's international tutor who can be contacted by writing an e-mail to the addresses below or on Teams