Course presentation

Would you like to get to know the Second-cycle Degree Course in Finance and Risk Management?

The course in brief

The Second-cycle degree course in Finance and Risk Management (FRIM) aims to train experts in the management of financial products and portfolios, in the analysis and management of banking and financial risks and, more generally, of economic business risks, in the management of financial institutions, and in the analysis and management of insurance risks.

The Second-cycle Degree in Finance and Risk Management (FRIM):

- acquires an in-depth knowledge of the tools of mathematical calculation applied to the economics of financial products and markets, finance and insurance, as well as specialist knowledge of business models for analysing the risk of banking, financial and insurance operators; this is supplemented by statistical expertise that enables him to process data and make estimates of economic relationships;

- acquires knowledge and comprehension skills to apply these methodologies and tools to the field of finance, in terms of analysis of international scenarios, implementation of decision-making models in financial markets and corporate governance, analysis and development of management processes typical of the various categories of financial intermediaries;

- matures an adequate autonomy of judgement with regard to problems of corporate financial management and risk management and to the modelling of financial market trends, being able to effectively interpret and process the information and data acquired;

- develops the ability to communicate, both within the company and to a non-specialist public, information on financial market trends, on the use of alternative financial instruments and on banking and insurance risk management

- acquires the ability to deal autonomously with the life-long learning process required of professions by the changing economic environment, to study in depth issues related to the use of specific financial instruments and to the functioning of particular markets, as well as the ability to access PhD or professional master programmes in economics and business subjects.

Possible fields of employment for the Finance and Risk Management graduate include:

- asset management companies, financial system supervisory bodies and financial rating assessment companies;

- technical offices and planning offices of financial system organisations and companies;

- consultancy activities in the area of finance and insurance insurance, business risk management and insurance processes;

- portfolio management, financial analysis services;

- financial management of industrial and commercial enterprises;

- profession of Chartered Accountant after passing the state examination;

- profession of Broker and Insurance Agent;

- profession of Bank Branch Operator.

Operators in these areas are constantly referred to in order to verify the coherence between the contents of the training plan and the professional profiles required by the market.