Enrolment procedures and deadlines

In order to be admitted to the Second-cycle Degree Course in Economics and Management of Sustainable Food Systems - Food Quality - it is necessary to meet certain curricular requirements and to pass an admission test aimed at verifying the adequacy of personal preparation; in this regard, the student must carefully read the file "Rules and requirements for admission 2022/2023" published on the Admission Test page https://corsi.unipr.it/en/cdlm-emsas/test-di-ammissione


After verifying that they meet the requirements for access to the course and having passed the admission test, for enrolment and pre-enrolment students must comply with the deadlines set out in the Prospectus, which is published each year on the University website.

Enrolments can be made online by connecting to the University website

Access requirements

Published on the 'Admission Test' page

► Graduates who do not meet all the curricular requirements for admission must accrue the missing ECTS credits by enrolling in individual course units