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The Second-cycle Degree Course (LM) in Economics and Management of Sustainable Food Environment (Food Quality-FQ), promoted by the Department of Economics and Management in collaboration with the Department of Food and Drug of the University of Parma, is a multidisciplinary project that was set up as a collaborative platform to promote dialogue between economic-managerial culture and the disciplines related to the social sciences of gastronomy.
The Course aims to train professionals with interdisciplinary skills that combine theoretical and empirical knowledge of a cultural, as well as economic-managerial nature of the agri-food system, with technological and gastronomic skills related to the enhancement of food in a strict logic of environmental sustainability. This is a continuation of the cultural pathway already started in the First-cycle degree L-18 (Food System: Sustainability, Management and Technology) and L-26 (Gastronomic Sciences) at the University of Parma.
The training pathway focuses on subjects from different subject areas that include: the disciplines of an economic-business, sociological and commodity nature, in order to understand and be able to apply economic theories and forms of management of agri-food enterprises in the procurement, production, processing, marketing and promotion phases of food production and environmental systems.

Second cycle degree course
Open access with verification of requirements
course in Italian
class LM-77
120 credits


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