Non-selective test

The entrance preparation test is compulsory in accordance with Article 6 of Italian Ministerial Decree No 270/2004.
The test is non-selective and is intended to verify overall possession of the basic knowledge and skills deemed relevant for successful completion of the university course.

How to register for the test

To take the test, students must register online using the form: *TO BE DEFINED*

After registration, students will receive instructions by e-mail.
When registering for the test online, students with disabilities can apply for auxiliary aids and/or additional time to take the test, through the Welcome and Inclusion University Centre ( supporting vulnerable groups, students with disabilities and students with specific learning difficulties. If necessary, the test can be administered in paper form.
The outcome of the test does NOT in any way affect enrolment in the Degree Course in Informatics.

Who is exempt from taking the test

The following students are exempt from taking the test:

  • students who have already obtained a degree or are transferring from another degree course;
  • students who have already successfully taken the self-assessment test at another degree course or the advance national scientific knowledge test in the year 2022 and present the appropriate documentation proving that they have passed the test.

Students who do not take the test or who fail it must pass the 'Elements of Logic and Discrete Structures' exam before they can take any exam in the second semester of the first year or in subsequent years.
In any case, it will be possible to take advantage of the remedial activity, consisting of participation in a series of supplementary lessons on basic mathematics topics that will take place in October and November, according to the methods and times that will be communicated at the beginning of classes.

When the test takes place

For the a.y. 2024/2025, the test will take place *TO BE DEFINED*


Test topics and bibliography

The test consists of multiple-choice questions. Topics will include: elements of logic; equations; inequalities; Euclidean and analytical geometry; percentages, proportions and properties of numbers; elementary properties of functions; trigonometry.
We recommend the following texts that may be useful for those who wish to check their preparation and/or practise:
E. Acerbi, G. Buttazzo: Basic pre-university mathematics, Pitagora editore. ISBN 8837113781
G. Malafarina: Mathematics for pre-courses, Mc Graw-Hill libri Italia Srl. ISBN: 9788838665622

Precorso matematica a.a. 2023/24

Anche per l'anno 2023/24, viene organizzato in collaborazione con il Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Architettura, un precorso di matematica dedicato anche alle matricole del Corso di Laurea in Informatica.

Il precorso è fortemente consigliato a tutti gli studenti.

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