Course-specific learning objectives

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Teaching methods

The learning objectives outlined above are essentially achieved through the following teaching methods: face-to-face teaching, tutorials and laboratory activities.

A web platform ( Elly ) is available where the individual Professor/Instructor can enter his or her own teaching material (notes, exercises, insights) and set up self-assessment tests of learning during the course.

Verification of learning outcomes

Each course provides for a final assessment, which may also be obtained by means of in-progress tests and/or a final project. The final assessment is normally expressed in thirtieths, with the exception of foreign language teaching and the curricular internship, which require a pass mark.
In the syllabus of the individual subjects, both the teaching methods and the specific assessment methods are detailed.
Verification of the ability to synthesise and the degree of study autonomy in the face of new problems is assessed by means of a final examination, structured as described in the Course Regulations.