Enrolment procedures and deadlines

Enrolment for the degree course is carried out entirely online. Detailed information can be found on the University website on the enrolment page Administrative information (fees, deadlines, etc.) is collected in the 'Prospectus', which is published each year on the University website

Access requirements

The ‘CLEMFAS’ degree course is open access.

Admission to the degree course is open to candidates holding a secondary school diploma or an equivalent foreign qualification, pursuant to the Ministerial Decree of 22 October 2004, No. 270).

The knowledge required for admission, in order to profitably follow the courses taught during the first year, is that which every upper secondary school graduate should have and in particular: a good knowledge of spoken and written Italian, reasoning skills, knowledge and ability to use the main results of elementary mathematics.

According to the regulations in force, the Department of Economics and Business Sciences is obliged to verify the possession of an adequate initial preparation of students enrolled on degree courses. To this end, an online test called TOLC-E is provided for the degree course.

Following the test, any training gaps will be identified and the resulting remedial activities will be carried out by means of educational support activities (didactic tutoring).

Admission procedures

The degree course is open access.

Pursuant to Ministerial Decree No 270/04, the Department of Economics and Business Sciences is required to verify the possession of an adequate initial preparation of enrolled students.

By means of an individual test (ordinary or 'advance'), the score of which is weighed together with the secondary-school diploma grade obtained, an additional training obligation (OFA) is possibly assigned, which students must fulfil by taking part in training activities offered for this purpose by the degree course.

With regard to the rules and forms for incoming transfers and transitions, as well as resumption of studies, a specific Career Commission for three-year-degree students has been set up, which operates on the basis of criteria and procedures for the recognition of careers accrued for the purposes of admission to the Food Systems degree course.
These rules can be found online in a separate document published at https://sea.unipr.it/it/trasferimenti-e-passaggi

Specific information on the test is published on the ‘Non-selective test’ (Test non selettivo) page.