Enrolment procedures and deadlines

Students who have passed the admission test can proceed to enrolment as described in the following link:

Access requirements

Students will be required to purchase materials for the internship activity.

In particular, a complete kit is needed for the first visit and periodontal instrumentation, a protective visor, a mirror for patient motivation and education, a periodontal model for the dummies classroom, a work uniform and a pair of sanitary safety shoes .

The approximate global cost is about 1000 euros courtesy of the discounted rates reserved for the students of our University.


Admission procedures

The Dental Hygiene Course is a limited number course scheduled at a national level.
The number of eligible students, the methods of the admission test, are determined annually by specific ministerial decrees.
The admission test will be held on the date and in the manner indicated in the call for applications. Those who usefully place themselves in the ranking, within the programmed number of students, are admitted to the degree course.
The verification of initial knowledge will be carried out and in case of failure, Additional Educational Obligations (OFA) will be assigned to be satisfied in the first course of the year.