Course units and programme of study

The study plan is the set of compulsory courses and the choice that the student must undertake in order to graduate.

 The presentation of the study plan, relating to one's year of enrolment, is mandatory and is necessary, above all, for registering for exams and for completing teaching evaluation questionnaires.

 All current students must submit their study plan online via the Esse3 system

The Study Plan may be different depending on the academic year of enrollment ("cohort"); furthermore it can provide a choice between different study paths ("curriculum").

To find out the list of courses that can be included in the study plan, select the academic year of enrollment and, if available, the curriculum.

Research the teachings in the study plan.

List of courses

How the study plan works

The list of courses in the study plan represents the set of training activities that can be foreseen for each of the years of which the study course is made up and changes according to the year of enrollment of the student. The 'free or restricted choice' courses are optional training activities that the student can include in the study plan according to the choice criteria specified on this page; the remaining courses are compulsory for all students.

The study plan must be submitted online by the student for each year of the course using the ESSE3 system (see dedicated paragraph).

The student is allowed to present his/her own study plan with choice options different from those presented on this page (and available in ESSE3), as long as it is consistent with the achievement of the educational objectives of the course. In this case the plan must be submitted to the Course Council for approval.