Course presentation

Dental Hygienists are primary healthcare professionals who, in possession of the university qualification obtained pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 3, of DL 30/12/1992 n. 502 and subsequent amendments introduced by art. 3 of Law 10/08/2000 n. 251, perform dental health education activities , act primary and secondary prevention therapies of the main oral-dental diseases and take part in primary prevention projects within the public health system.

The Decrees cited refer to the rules and regulation of the profession in Italy, thus foreign students are invited to consult the website of the Health System of their country and the website https/// for further information on the profession.

The Dental Hygiene Programme prepares students to become Dental Hygienists that provide patient-centered care to diverse patient populations in a variety of health care settings.                                            

The course is organized in 3 academic years, 180 ECTS, inclusive of 3 periods per year with an exam session for each of them. This will allow the students to know the theoretical and scientific basis of the profession and become skillful in clinical practice within the professional environment of the Center of Dental Medicine and Dental Research Department.                                  

Three learning areas can be identified in the program: Preparatory Sciences, Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences, Applied Technical Sciences together with clinical training.                                               

Practical training activities and clinical internship are performed under the guidance of professional tutors at university facilities and in compliance with EU directives.                                                        

The aim of the course is to promote excellence in oral health clinical practice and research, with major emphasis on digital dentistry, advanced periodontology and implant dentistry, dental sleep medicine and oral medicine, within the context of an international environment which prepares the next Dental Hygienist professional as the provider of individual preventive oral health care, with the associated social responsibility in order to improve the health and the well-being of communities.


The course is in English. The required level is B2.