Professional outlets

Mechanical Engineer with occupation and specialisation in the Food Industry Functions The main functions that an 'Engineering for the Food Industry' graduate can perform are:
- management of food production - design of food industry machines and plants - planning and scheduling of food production - management of complex systems - project management with reference to the management of food plant orders - sales support for complex food plants - design and testing of food packaging Competences The competences acquired by a graduate in 'Engineering for the Food Industry' can be summarised in the ability to conceive, design, plan and manage the machines, processes and services characteristic of the food industry.
In detail, the graduate will acquire skills related to the use of specific software for the design, design, simulation, planning, operation and environmental impact assessment of plants and machines in the food industry.
With practical exercises and through the internship, you will develop skills related to planning, conducting and statistically analysing experiments and field trials.
Career possibilities Graduates in 'Engineering for the Food Industry' will be able to find employment in mechanical and electromechanical industries, companies and institutions for energy production and conversion, plant engineering companies, automation and robotics industries, general manufacturing companies for the production, installation and testing, maintenance and operation of machines, production lines and departments, and complex systems.
Possible professional outlets envisaged in the first years of employment are:
- mechanical design office manager for machines and plants in the food industry; - specialised mechanical designer for the food industry; - production manager for companies in the agri-food industry; - plant installation manager and project manager for plants in the food industry; - sales office manager in plant engineering companies in the food industry; - research and development manager for food and food plant engineering companies; - packaging design manager for the food industry; - freelance professional, for whom it is necessary to pass the state examination and proceed with registration in the professional register of the order of engineers.