Doppio titolo

The university, on the basis of special agreements with foreign universities within the framework of internationalisation projects, offers international education courses that allow the acquisition of a double degree.

Double, multiple or joint degrees are study courses organised with foreign universities that provide for forms of curriculum integration and structured student mobility schemes, with mutual recognition of educational activities.

The double degree is in fact an integrated study programme that allows students to spend part of their university career abroad at a partner university under an agreement, obtaining, at the end of the course, both the Italian and the foreign degree and guaranteeing recognition of the degree in both countries.

The main features distinguishing double, multiple or joint degree programmes are the following:

  • mobility: the student attends part of his or her career at the University of Parma and part at the foreign universities involved;
  • full recognition of the activities carried out abroad;
  • at the end of the course, attainment of a double degree (one from the University of Parma and one from the foreign partner university) or a multiple degree (one from the University of Parma and at least two others from foreign partner universities) or a joint degree (a single degree awarded by the University and at least one partner university).

Dual/multiple degree programmes are unique opportunities that offer the student the valuable advantage of benefiting academically, professionally and culturally from different contexts and of acquiring transversal skills: a specific added value that generates an international profile ready to face global challenges.

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