cod. 18214

Academic year 2023/24
1° year of course - First semester
- Enrica RIVA
Academic discipline
Progettazione meccanica e costruzione di macchine (ING-IND/14)
A scelta dello studente
Type of training activity
Student's choice
48 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
course unit

Learning objectives

Knowledge and understanding
The student at the end of the course will have a basic knowledge of polymer materials and production technologies are appropriate in the product to be undertaken and its conditions of use.

Applying knowledge and understanding
The student will know how to choose the most suitable polymers for various applications, which precautions you should have when using polymers to replace metals and what are the criteria for the design of the components in consideration of the production technology of the pieces


It is suggested to undetake the course after the courses of technologies of applied chemistry and strength of materials.

Course unit content

The course aims to provide students with an understanding of the major classifications of polymeric and composite materials and an understanding of key technologies for the production of polymer and composite components.

The course will go in-depth on design criteria for parts to be made of polymeric material. Finally, the techniques of rapid prototyping will be presented as an important tool in the design and now as a tool normally used for the production of small series.

Full programme

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Lectures notes, exercises, and all the supporting material provided during the course are available to students and shared in the web site Elly.
To access to the material students during the first lecture the teacher will give an access password.

For students that are not in class, to receive the Web Password to access to Elly web site they have to send an e. mail to the professor enrica.riva@unipr.it writing "Material Polimeri Elly" in the Object field.
In addition to the shared material, the student can personally study some of the topics discussed during the course

Teaching methods

The course includes classroom lectures supported by PowerPoint slides. In addition, there will be at least a lecture at a university laboratory to introduce student to tensile testing of polymer materials. Meetings with industry experts in the field will be also organised.

Assessment methods and criteria

The examination will consist of a quiz with 30 questions and an oral part. The threshold for admission to oral exam is 18/30. The oral examination of questions on the topics of the course. Students wishing to increase their score are allowed to discuss a case study that they have developed in detail.

Other information

Lecture attendance is highly recommended