Characteristics of the final test

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Conduct of the final examination

The final examination for a Second-cycle degree consists of a design or analysis activity in the field of management engineering, agreed upon with a supervisor and developed by the student with personal input, followed by the drafting of a written report (thesis) and its discussion in front of the Degree Committee. In the final examination, the candidate must demonstrate mastery of the topics, the ability to work independently and adequate communication skills.
The Final Degree Examination Committee consists of at least five members, the majority of whom must be tenured professors, and is appointed by the Director of the Department in accordance with the University Regulations.
The report for the final examination may be written in English with an extensive summary in Italian.
The Degree Committee will make an overall assessment of the candidate's basic and professional preparation, taking into account the results of the candidate's entire university career, including the work relating to the preparation of the thesis.
In order to be admitted to the final examination, the student must have successfully passed, as a rule within ten days of the examination date, the examination relating to all the activities envisaged in the official programme of study for a total of at least 105 ECTS credits.
Three Second-cycle degree examination sessions are scheduled for each academic year: summer, autumn and winter. As a rule, the first useful session for taking the Second-cycle degree examination is the one at the end of the second term of the second year. The winter session is a session of the previous academic year and normally ends at the end of March.