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Academic year 2022/23
1° year of course - Second semester
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integrated course unit
10 credits
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Learning objectives

The Applied Nursing Methodology course is part of the Integrated General Nursing Course II.
The course has the general objective of allowing the student to know and understand the cognitive, technical, interpersonal and ethical-legal skills necessary to carry out the procedures for safe assistance based on evidence of efficacy, available resources and preferences of the assisted. The specific objectives can be declined as follows: to make known the methodological phases of the nursing procedures addressed; provide the knowledge that allows you to highlight critical actions within each procedure; provide knowledge for the evaluation of best practice guidelines and the evidence based on the research available to support the procedure presented and, finally, provide knowledge to deal with any unexpected situations that may arise in clinical practice when applying a procedure.


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Course unit content

The course contents detailed below are assigned starting from the installed models.
Model of activity and exercise: blood pressure and heart rate detection, electrocardiogram execution, respiratory rate detection, oxygen saturation detection, nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal airway aspiration, patient management with a thoracic drainage system , administration of oxygen therapy with low and high flow systems and aerosol therapy.
Intestinal elimination model: execution of a clean enema at low and high volume, manual emptying of the fecal material, application of a device for fecal incontinence, collection of a sample for the search for occult blood and coproculture, replacement, emptying and management of a ostomy device.
Urinary elimination model: parrot positioning, frying pan, male external catheter (condom), positioning and management of male and female bladder catheterization, removal of a permanent bladder catheter, collection of a urine culture test and replacement, emptying and management of a device for urostomy.
Nutritional and metabolic model: positioning and removal of a nasogastric tube, feeding through a probe, simple dressings.
Hygiene and self-care model: reconstruction of the free and occupied bed, total body hygiene and partial hygiene.

Full programme

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TITLE: Nursing assessment of the assisted person - Integrated approach
AUTHOR: G. Artioli, P. Copelli, C, Foà and R. La Sala

TITLE: Taylor's Manual of Nursing Techniques and Procedures. An approach to the nursing process - III Italian edition
AUTHOR: Lynn P. 2016

Teaching methods

Interactive frontal lesson - case study

Assessment methods and criteria

The assessment of the achievement of the objectives set by the course requires a written exam. By means of multiple choice questions, concerning the course contents, it will be ascertained whether the student has achieved the objective of knowledge and understanding of the contents.

Other information

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