The University of Parma promotes curricular internships in order to facilitate professional choices through direct knowledge of the world of work and study-work alternation experiences.
The curricular internship integrates and completes the student's curriculum through the performance of practical activities which, on the basis of the provisions of their respective degree course regulations, may be carried out in structures within the University or externally at qualified public and private bodies with which the University has entered into appropriate agreements.
The internship involves three parties: the student, the promoter (the University of Parma) and the host (company or organisation) where the activity is carried out under the guidance of a university tutor, a University professor/instructor and a company supervisor.
Curricular internships are not a prerequisite for an employment relationship between the intern and the host structure, nor can they be a substitute for company labour or professional services.

Aims of placements

The placement activities are aimed at enabling the student to acquire specific skills foreseen by the professional profile. In order to achieve these training goals, agreements can be made with facilities, which meet the suitability requirements in terms of activities, provision of services and facilities.
The 60 minimum credits reserved for the work placement are to be understood as the total commitment necessary for the student to achieve the 'core' professional skills required by the respective professional profile .
The professional placement includes:
- tutoring sessions that prepare the student for the experience;
- exercises and simulations in which technical, relational and methodological skills are developed in a protected context before or during experimentation in real contexts;
- direct experiences in the field with supervision;
- constant tutoring and debriefing sessions;
- teaching assignments, specific written assignments and guided study assignments.
- clinical reasoning sessions

Evaluation of competences acquired on Placement

Placement experiences must be planned, evaluated and documented in the student's curriculum. During each placement experience, the student receives formative evaluations of his or her progress through both interviews and evaluation forms.
At the end of each year, a summative (certification) assessment is carried out to ascertain the levels reached by the student in the development of the expected professional skills. The assessment is carried out by a Committee chaired by the Director of Professionalising Activities and composed of at least one Academic Tutor and one Clinical Tutor. This assessment is the synthesis of the formative assessments documented during the course year, the results of the written assignments and the performance of the technical care and interpersonal skills demonstrated in the placement examination, which may be carried out by means of mock examinations, interviews and written application tests.
The annual placement examination is scheduled for at least three sessions per academic year, except for special situations for which the teaching committee may grant an extraordinary session (e.g. long illnesses, pregnancies) The summative assessment of the placement will be expressed and recorded in the career in thirtieths according to the level of achievement of the objectives.

Workplace Safety Course

Every student enrolled on the degree course must have completed the 4 modules of the Workplace Safety Course (by 31 December) before starting the placement.
The Elly Security 2021 portal is divided into 6 fields: go to Student Courses and select Medicine and Surgery.
Please note that the student must follow the training course until the certificate is obtained for each individual module; if the course is interrupted after passing the test, the platform does not recognise the training course as completed. It is important that the new platform is accessed using Firefox.

Accident Guidelines

What to do when an accident happens?
The insurance cover provided by the University of Parma for students covers accidents occurring during the course of the training activities envisaged in the entire Programme of Study as well as accidents occurring during the journey between the trainee's home and the institution/company.
More precisely, students, within the university environment and during their placement at the affiliated Health Authorities, benefit from a double insurance coverage: one stipulated by the University of Parma with a private insurance company and one policy with INAIL, managed by the University of Parma on behalf of the State, which protects them during their placement activities.
 The trainee must immediately report the accident to the Director of Professionalising Teaching Activities (DADP), or to his or her academic tutor, in order to be eligible for benefits under either insurance cover. They must then send a copy of the documentation, i.e., the medical certificate issued by the relevant doctor/emergency room, the student accident report form and the privacy policy, complete with a report of the incident, signed by the trainee and the Coordinator/Director of the placement division, to the addresses below. 
The student accident report form and privacy policy can be downloaded online by accessing the dedicated link: Guidelines for Accident Reporting in University Facilities (Acts approved by DRD No. 1823 of 28/08/2017).
Addresses for sending the certification:
Addressed to the Internship Service copying in Elisabetta Balotta, Careers and Services for Students, Emanuela Fusoni, Procurement, the DADP of the student's teaching site (Dott.ssa La Sala for the Aou site, Ms Gotri for the USL Parma site, Ms Merlinifor the USL Piacenza site) and the student's academic tutor.
Notification to the Director of Professionalising Teaching Activities, the Internship Service and the Procurement division must be made promptly, i.e. within 48 hours of the accident.

Cartellino identificativo per Tirocinanti

Lo studente è tenuto ad esporre sul camice il cartellino identificativo durante il Tirocinio.