Calendar of graduation sessions and deadlines

Graduation sessions
Here you will find all the information you need to apply for graduation, the calendar of sessions with deadlines and all the necessary forms.
All administrative paperwork is handled by the Student Registry Office:
Calendar of upcoming degree sessions Below are the upcoming dates of the degree sessions. NB: Deadlines will be published for each one.
Autumn session: Practical Test: 14-15-16 November 2022 Thesis presentation: 21-22-23-24 November 2022
Spring session: Practical Test: 17-18-19 April 2023 Thesis presentation: 26-27-28 April 202

Applying for graduation and forms

The undergraduate student is required to submit the thesis topic by means of a form signed by the thesis supervisor in charge of the disciplines of the chosen course unit, five months before the presumed date of the thesis presentation (see MOD 01). The supervisor will be responsible for ensuring that this deadline is observed.
Before 30 days from the date of the degree examination, the graduating student must complete the Application for Graduation form, which can only be filled in online, from his or her Esse3 student profile, under ‘Degree/Final Examination>Graduation’ section, as per the guide published here
During the process:
he or she shall register with the Alma Laurea University Consortium System and complete the relevant questionnaire.  
Please upload the following mandatory documents:
Signed form concerning the Rules of Conduct to be observed during graduation sessions.
Receipt for payment of the postal payment slip of €49.58 to be made from a a Poste Italiane branch to account no. 1016 - Agenzia Entrate - Centro operativo Pescara - Tasse scolastiche; Form 01 signed by the supervisor
At the end of the procedure, the payment slips of €116.00 and €16.00 (cost of diplomas and scrolls and two virtual stamps for the scroll) will be generated in the payment section of the student profile, to be paid by the application deadline.
No later than 12 days before the date of the degree examination (practical examination), the candidate have completed all other exams and, in addition:
Handed in their academic transcript (for those who enrolled prior to the a.y. 2015-2016) to the Student Registry Office;
Uploaded the dissertation to esse3 following the instructions in the student guide;
notified the supervisor and student registry office (as well as the counter supervisor where applicable) in good time of the postponement to the next session if the student is unable to graduate in the scheduled session.