Thesis/Final examination

In order to qualify as a nurse, the student must take a final examination, which he or she can enrol on after passing all the other activities envisaged in his or her training.
Pursuant to Art. 7 of the Inter-Ministerial Decree of 19 February 2009, the final examination consists of:
a) a practical test (State Examination) during which the student must demonstrate that he/she has acquired the theoretical-practical and technical-operational knowledge and skills pertaining to the specific professional profile:
b) the degree thesis.
The two different parts of the final examination must be assessed equally, both contributing to the determination of the final examination grade.
In the event of an inadequate evaluation of the practical test, the examination is interrupted and considered failed, and must therefore be repeated in its entirety at a subsequent sitting.
The following parameters contribute to determining the graduation grade out of 110:
• Average of the marks obtained in the curricular examinations
• Final examination mark, awarded by the Commission, calculated according to the average mark (out of 30) of the final examination
• The examination is deemed passed if the mark is at least 66/110.
To be admitted to the final examination for the award of the degree, the student must: a) have passed all the prescribed course unit exams and assessments and have acquired the certificates and credits laid down in the regulations;
b) be up to date with the payment of fees, university contributions and incidental expenses;
c) be registered for the final examination.
The final examination of the degree courses has the value of a state exam qualifying successful candidates for professional practice.

Characteristics of the final examination

The undergraduate student is required to submit the thesis topic to the Course President by means of a form signed by the thesis supervisor in charge of the disciplines of the chosen course unit, five months before the presumed date of the thesis presentation (see MOD 01 downloadable from the ‘Graduating’ section of the course website). The supervisor will be responsible for ensuring that this deadline is observed.
Before 30 days from the date of the degree examination, the graduating student must complete the Application for Graduation form, which can only be filled in online, from his or her Esse3 student profile, under ‘Degree/Final Examination>Graduation’ section, as per the guide published here
During the process:
he or she shall register with the Alma Laurea University Consortium System and complete the relevant questionnaire.  
Please upload the following mandatory documents:
Signed form concerning the Rules of Conduct to be observed during graduation sessions.
Receipt for payment of the postal payment slip of €49.58 to be made from a Poste Italiane branch to account no. 1016 - Agenzia Entrate - Centro operativo Pescara - Tasse scolastiche; Form 01 signed by the supervisor
At the end of the procedure, the payment slips of €116.00 and €16.00 (cost of diplomas and scrolls and two virtual stamps for the scroll) will be generated in the payment section of the student profile, to be paid by the application deadline.
No later than 12 days before the date of the degree examination (practical examination), the candidate have completed all other exams and, in addition:
Handed in their academic transcript (for those who enrolled prior to the A.Y. 2015-2016) to the Student Registry Office;
Uploaded the dissertation to esse3 following the instructions in the student guide;
notified the supervisor and student registry office (as well as the counter supervisor where applicable) in good time of the postponement to the next session if the student is unable to graduate in the scheduled session.

Procedures for writing the thesis

  1. For the title page, please refer to the facsimile - MOD. 03. There is normally only one supervisor: a second is possible under special circumstances. It is possible to indicate the name of the tutor. 
    The thesis will contain, in order: abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, bibliography;
    materials and methods will be written in full;
    figures and tables will be titled and contain an explanatory legend;
    the bibliography, numbered in order of citation, will state: first name (initials) and surname, full title of the work cited, volume, opening and closing page, year of publication;
    avoid acronyms in the title as much as possible;
    the format of the thesis should contain pages of approximately 25 lines with double spacing;
    double-sided pagination is recommended;
    the thesis may be written in a language of the EU, preferably English, with the abstract in Italian attached and having the title in both Italian and the foreign languag

Degree examination procedures

The candidate will make an oral presentation of the thesis results using computer aids, drawing the appropriate conclusions, based on which the Committee will open the discussion.
The candidate may prepare a total of 8 slides written in legible font as follows:
1 slide for presentation of the topic and summary of results
1 slide for "materials"
1 slide for "methods" including statistical analysis
3 slides for presentation of results: mainly graphic
2 slides for conclusions
The maximum time available will be 10 minutes.