cod. 1010105

Academic year 2021/22
3° year of course - Second semester
- Giuseppe VIGNALI
Academic discipline
Impianti industriali meccanici (ING-IND/17)
A scelta dello studente
Type of training activity
Student's choice
48 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
course unit

Learning objectives

Train students on problems and correct methodologies for calculating environmental impacts. create in their critical sense for the evaluation of the best technological alternative for the reduction of the environmental impact



Course unit content

Principles of sustainable design, 2030 Agenda and circular economy
Sustainable production lines: design, management and maintenance
Design, industrial, production and management aspects of eco-packaging
Main environmental obligations in industry (discharges, emissions, waste, by-products)
Environmental sustainability tools: voluntary environmental certifications
Environmental management systems: The ISO 14001 standard (Seminar)
How to communicate your environmental commitments: Guidelines for environmental communication (Seminar)
LCA as an eco-design tool.
Use and application of the SimaPro software for LCA
Waste management: management and operational aspects (Seminar)
Innovative eco-green materials deriving from the enhancement of waste

Full programme

Introduction to the course
The management of plastics and their environmental impact
Impact of Food Waste and relationship with packaging
Introduction to LCA and connection with waste
IREN seminar on innovation in waste management
The management of waste for CONAD in the light of Legislative Decree 106/20
Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent additions
LCA and applications in the industrial sector
LCA and ISO 14040 and 14044 structure
Examples of LCA applied to the Food sector
the SimaPro Software
tutorial on software use
Simapro Software application example
Simulation with Simapro students
Introduction to the concept of Sustainability and SDGs
SDGs and international policies on environmental impact reduction
Environmental management systems
ISO 14001: 2015 and EMAS regulation
Environmental communication
ISO 14063
Problems of Greewashing
SA 8000 certification and social sustainability


Lecturer's notes and various material (ISO standards, UN 2030 agenda material, European commission documents)

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons
Specialized seminars
Tutorials with Software

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral exam with presentation of a paper on new technologies that can be adopted for reducing the environmental impact in industries

Other information